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The Snag Brand Evolution

In late 2017, Snagajob kicked off an agency delivered rebrand effort resulting in a slight name change to Snag in the spring of 2018. Due to time and budget constraints the rebrand was somewhat uneventful and lackluster. The name was simply shortened, the visual styles were lacking excitement, the personality was somewhat bland, and the photography styles relied heavily on stock images with little to no direction. To say the least it was BORING and could have been any brand (assuming what they wanted was a whole lot of dull).

Fortunately for me I was managing Snag’s Innovation Lab at the time and our job centered around breaking rules and exploring new ideas. As a benefit of operating outside of the core business I was allowed to push beyond what was handed off by the agency and was given the runway to explore new options for the brand and their associated guidelines. While creating the new gig platform product, HUSL (now rebranded as Snag Work) we had also created our own branded personality, visual styles, and lifestyle components based on the concept of claiming shifts as an alternative to traditional part-time or full-time work models.

With a small team of visual designers and copywriters we set out to amplify the brand as it was defined and to bring life and personality into it where there was currently very little. Based on the success of this effort throughout 2018 we are now tasked with revising the Snag brand guidelines and elevating all aspects of the Snag Work brand up to the parent Snag identity and in doing so are also unifying several disparate product and service brands into a single identity.

Out with the old…and in with the NEW.

By amplifying the color palette and adding a lifestyle component to our messaging and photography we have seen far better engagement in social campaigns. When applying personality to both the visuals and messaging we attract the attention of our core worker audiences. Above are examples of a campaign focused on making life possible through work. For many hourly workers the job is simply a vehicle allowing them to get to a destination in life—there are always bills to be paid but there’s also a life to live and enjoy. Snag Work, Snag Life and make (fill in the blank) possible.

Combining color, photography, and illustrations to create unique persona driven visual identities

The word ‘amplify’ has been used a lot in our brand exploration but one thing came to be very clear and that’s that when delivering a marketplace that serves multiple customer personas some simply aren’t attracted to what others are. We quickly identified visual patterns, like building blocks, that could be combined in a variety of ways that would allow the brand to be flexible, scalable, and relevant based on specific personas and/or channels such as social. For example, our worker identity is far more bold and energetic (both visually and personality) than that of our corporate customers. Dialing back and muting the color palette slightly for corporate experiences and campaigns; along with reducing the use of illustrations makes the visual identity far more appealing and comfortable to this audience.