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Design Leader & Maker of Things.




Just a few fun facts about me:


  • In 2009 I was on the ballot to receive a Grammy nomination in the art and layout/packaging category. I didn’t receive the nomination but as they say; it was an honor to be nominated… for the nomination.
  • I am an avid BMX racer and am currently ranked in the top 3 in the state of Virginia and top 10  in the north east region. My son tells me on a regular basis that he’s way better than me and now gives me pointers instead of the other way around.
  • Walking into my house is like walking into a record store. I’ve been collecting records since the mid eighties and own over 5,000 LP’s spanning nearly every genre (quite literally).
  • I’m a HUGE collector and fan of 80’s pop culture, specifically all things Star Wars. Ask me about being trained by my grandmother as a 5 year old to not open my toys because some day they would be worth something…



A Visionary (or so says Adobe)

Recently a member of my design team challenged us all to take a test that would define who we all are as designers. Essentially it’s a personality assessment designed by the fine people at Adobe that is tailored to uncovering what sort of designer persona you are. Want to find out what sort of creative personality you are? Check out and find out.


Here’s what they had to say about me:

  • You live in a world of infinite possibilities, preferring to see things
    not as they are but as they could be. You know that life is limited
    only by the boundaries of your own beliefs, and you’re driven to
    push the limits of, well, everything.
  • Emotional, passion-driven, and full of ideas, the VISIONARY
    combines a vivid imagination with a desire for practical solutions.
    Your introspective and intuitive nature is balanced by a
    keen interest in the world around you and a desire to contribute
    to society.
  • Charismatic and expressive, you love sharing your ideas and
    visions with others and creating community around shared values
    and ideals. Your greatest gift? The ability to see the spark of
    potential in everything and everyone, and to inspire others to see it,
    too. You’re able to guide people toward an invisible horizon with a
    rare generosity of spirit and strength of conviction.
  • Don’t get stuck in the dreaming stage, VISIONARY. Your greatest
    challenge—and true power—lies in learning to take consistent
    daily action to create the future you envision.
  • Seek out the “voice of reason” of the THINKER type to help you
    take a grounded, rational approach to your creative work. The
    THINKER’s deep perception and probing intellect lend a powerful
    clarity that can bring your visions into sharper focus.